Shengmilo MX05

If you’re looking for an electric bike that delivers power, performance, and exceptional range, look no further than the Shengmilo MX05. With its cutting-edge technology, powerful motor, and superior traction, this bike is the ultimate choice for off-road adventures or daily commutes.

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Shengmilo MX05

Looking to take your cycling game to the next level? Check out the Shengmilo MX05 electric bike! This top-performing e-bike combines power, comfort, and convenience in one sleek package. With a sturdy frame, a powerful motor, and fat tires providing exceptional grip and stability on various terrains, the MX05 is an excellent choice for any adventure. Plus, with a top speed of 25km/h, adjustable suspension fork, and practical features such as an LCD display, USB charging port, and built-in headlight and taillight, this electric bike is a true game-changer. Thus, whether you’re looking to commute to work or hit the trails, the Shengmilo MX05 has got you covered.

Shengmilo-MX05-electric-bike-with-48V-15Ah-batteryPowerful and Efficient Samsung 48V 17.5Ah Battery

The Shengmilo MX05 is equipped with a Samsung 48V 17.5AH  long cruise lithium-ion battery, which provides exceptional range, stability, and safety. With a single charge, you can travel up to 40-50 km on throttle mode or over 90+ km with pedal assist mode. In additiona, The battery is built to last, with more than 1500 charging cycles and no less than 90% capacity after 8 months and 80% after 18 months.

Ergonomic Design Saddle for Long-Distance Riding

The Shengmilo MX05’s saddle has a comfortable and ergonomic design that’s perfect for stress relief during long-distance cycling. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy and happy ride every time, thanks to the MX05’s comfortable seat.

High-Performance Bafang 500W Motor for a Thrilling Ride

Bafang-500W powered-Shengmilo-MX05-electric-bikeThe MX05’s updated 48V 500W Bafang Motor that produces up to 1000w peak power and delivers an exhilarating riding experience. With a top speed of 25km/h, 35° motor climbing capability, and maximum torque of 80 N·m, this motor delivers power and performance that’s unmatched by other electric bikes. It’s also waterproof up to IPX5 and backed by Bafang’s world-renowned quality and after-sales service.

Heavy-Duty Rear Rack for Transporting People or Goods

The manufacturer specially tailors the rear rack of the Shengmilo MX05 to match its frame, using thickened metal material. Therefore, it can easily carry people or goods, making it the perfect choice for daily commutes or weekend adventures.

Ultimate Traction and Versatility 26×3.0″ Fat Tires

Shengmilo-MX05-electric-bike-with-26x3.0 inches-fat-tiresThe Shengmilo MX05’s 26×3.0-inch mountain fat tires provide superior grip and traction on any terrain, from sand and snow to mountain roads. These tires make riding on tough terrain a breeze, giving you the ultimate off-road experience. Plus, they leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go.

Efficient and Durable Power Transmission

The Shengmilo MX05’s aluminum alloy crankset uses a CNC one-piece molding process to provide excellent power transmission efficiency. It’s robust, lightweight, durable, and has high axial strength and compatibility. With the MX05’s crankset, you’ll experience a smooth and efficient ride every time.

Shimano Smooth Shifting for a Safe and Stable Ride

Shimano 6 speed transmission Shengmilo MX05The Shimano 7 speed transmission system on the Shengmilo MX05 ensures smooth shifting and excellent transmission performance. As a result, you can easily switch to a larger gear when going uphill and a smaller gear when driving at high speeds. Combined with the pedal assist system, you can adjust your speed to complete any journey safely and comfortably.

Stylish and Safe Lighting for Night Riding

The Shengmilo MX05’s motorcycle high-brightness headlights improve your visibility and the aesthetics of your bike, ensuring you stay safe while riding at night. Also, Shengmilo integrated the horn inside the headlight to make the bike more stylish and streamlined. Enjoy a safe and stylish night ride with the MX05.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Power of Cutting-Edge Braking Technology

Shengmilo MX05 hydraulic disc brakeShengmilo MX05  is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, providing fast and stable braking power that surpasses traditional brake systems. It has an added feature that cuts off motor power when the rider holds the brake lever, which adds another layer of safety and increases the lifespan of the brake pads.. Enjoy a smooth and secure ride with our state-of-the-art hydraulic disc brakes.

Ergonomic Grips with Convenient Controls

Our bike’s handlebars are ergonomically designed to conform to engineering mechanics, made of soft damping plastic to prevent any hand pain during long rides. The three buttons on the grip control electric mode and power assist mode, as well as power on/off. Long press the “UP” button to turn on the headlights. With our convenient controls and comfortable grips, you can ride in comfort and style.

Air Double Shoulder Downhill Rappelling Shock Absorber

Shengmilo MX05 Air Double Shoulder Downhill Rappelling Shock AbsorberShengmilo MX05’s air double shoulder downhill rappelling shock absorber is made of lightweight and durable materials, designed to absorb shock on all types of terrain. With rebound and locking functions, this shock absorber ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even on the roughest surfaces. Whether you’re cruising down the mountain or taking on the city streets, our shock absorber will make your ride a breeze.

Enjoy a Smooth and Comfortable Ride with Rear Shock

The designers of MX05 have designed the suspension shock absorber to effectively reduce vibrations in rough environments, while enhancing ride comfort. Say goodbye to bumpy and uncomfortable rides, and hello to a smooth and enjoyable ride with our high-quality rear shock absorber.

Stay Informed and Connected with King-Meter Smart Screen

Shengmilo MX05 King Meter LCD DisplayOur bike uses the waterproof NOKEE-U series instruments of King-Meter. The smart screen displays essential information such as total mileage, battery level, and speed, with a 1-5 speed level display. The display screen has three buttons installed next to the left-hand grip for controlling electric mode, power assist mode, and the light on/off feature. Stay informed and connected with our high-quality smart screen.

What does the Shengmilo MX05 kit include?

  • Electric Bike Shengmilo MX05 x1
  • Removable Battery x1
  • Charger x1
  • Manual in the English language x1
  • Free Universal Assembly Tool x1

Order Shengmilo MX05

Additional information


6061 Alumnium Frame

Frame Size



Silver Black

Motor Type

Bafang Gear Motor

Motor Power

48V 500W Bafang Gear Motor

Battery Capacity

Samsung 17.5 Ah

Battery Net Weight

4.5 kg

Charging Time

6-8 hrs

Max. Speed

25 km/h


Shimano 7 Speeds


King-meter NOKEE-U Waterproof Meter


26″ x 3″ non-slip fat tires


Spoked Wheels

Handle Bar


Front Fork

Double Shoulder Fork Shock Absorber

Suspension Type

Hydraulic Suspension


Leather Comfort Saddle

Max. Loading

180 kg


Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Shimano, TX55/7 speed rear puller, 7 Speeds Shifter

Net Weight

32 kg

Gross Weight

37 kg

Packing Size

163 x 28 x 79 cm


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