Fat tire or Fat Bike advantages – Shengmilo e-bikes!

Fat Tire Fat tire bikes are getting more and more popular, and that is happening for a very good reason. Bicycle enthusiast can now ride their bikes on difficult terrains, where was almost impossible to ride for many decades. Shengmilo™ Fat tire e-bikes are comfortable to ride on snow, mud,...

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Shimano gear Advanced shifter

Shimano shifter for Shengmilo™ Shimano advanced shifter is one of the best on the market so there was not a lot of discussion within our Shengmilo™ team. The decision was logical, we used Shimano shifters for all of our electric bike models. Shimano offers faster and smoother shifting, without...

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Shengmilo high-quality electric bike can last many years!

Shengmilo™ high-quality electric bikes Shengmilo™ high-quality electric bikes were made with many market considerations. We tried to developed and use only the best materials, the best available parts and include the best features, what our clients and users requested. Bikes are heavily tested and many modifications and changes are introduced, before...

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Shengmilo MX21 video introduction!

Shengmilo™ MX21 popularity has skyrocketed in the last short weeks! If you wonder why you can simply watch the video introduction. MX21 is a foldable, durable electric bike with strong front and back dual-suspension absorbers and a powerful motor.

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